💡 My 10 proposals for Asana

Asana is really good, can it be great?

Imagine the scene: Dustin Moskovitz (Asana’s CEO) himself calls me up “I love what you do Bastien, you are such a key part of the community and I value your feedback. If you could do anything regarding Asana, what would you do?”.

It obviously did not happen (yet?) but I have to be ready. Here are my 10 proposals for the product, the ecosystem and Asana’s marketing. Follow the link at the end to vote and support me!

*️⃣ Product

:bulb: Show the project a subtask belongs to on My Tasks

I am so f***ing fed up with this bloody debate, show the project already!

:bulb: Enable the “Expand” button by default in the Inbox

This is hard enough to get people to use the Inbox, why do you disable something crucial by default?

:bulb: Disable “New tasks added” project default notification

This is hard enough to get people to use the Inbox, why do you enable something hurting everyone by default?

:bulb: Create the task auto-promotion rule by default in new users’ My Tasks

It used to be there by default, but then My Tasks became a “project” with rules and boom! the best Asana feature was removed for new users.

:bulb: Stop auto-colouring options in drop-downs

It hurts clarity across the board to have random colors everywhere, and we can’t expect people to realise how bad it is on their own.

*️⃣ Ecosystem

:bulb: Promote the best 3rd party apps

We talked with Asana employees who did not even know what Instagantt was. That’s the #1 app thousands of clients fall back on, and it even existed before Asana’s Timeline. Everyone should know about Flowsana, Asana2Go, ditto/kothar… especially employees!

:bulb: Create a grant for app creators

You would have more Flowsana & similar apps if we encouraged people to build them. Incentivize developers to take a risk building something on top of Asana.

:bulb: Empower technical partners with a badge

When a client decides they need to use the API, they don’t know who to turn to to get help. Create a badge/certification to empower validated technical partners.

*️⃣ Marketing

:bulb: Share the roadmap

I know, I know, you don’t share the roadmap because you want to be able to change at the last minute. Well, guess what: users are getting angrier every day. Probably angrier than they would if you sometimes delayed announced features…

:bulb: Hire someone to meet clients around the world

By looking only at our own clients and leads, we realised Asana was used to instruct scuba divers where to dive in a French marina, help a French factory manufacture a famous cheese (Reblochon) or enable incident reports using Asana forms in QRCode at a French warehouse. Hire someone with a microphone and a camera, and let them go and meet all those clients with inspiring use cases. And use that s**t ton of content in your marketing.

Now is time to vote for the proposals you agree with (Loading... - Form by Asana). We will use your votes to promote the proposals to Asana.


Excellent post! This is likely the one that causes the most trouble.


This! And, I wish start date would be a trigger.


Great post @Bastien_Siebman !

This is one of my biggest pains, especially when using the CSV importer. Imagine manually setting the colour to grey for 249 countries four times for a single-select, multi-select and their country code counterparts for my Free Custom Field Tempaltes collection :roll_eyes:

It made me create this feedback request which could do with a bit more love :sweat_smile:


Bravo! I can’t even pick a favorite suggestion, they’re all too good.

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Great post!

I am most annoyed about this. Constantly I end up fixing custom fields that others create which have random colours. So so annoying.

The worst is people not seeing this as a problem :grimacing:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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