I don't give kudos very often, but

I have to take a moment to say that Asana is a very well thought out and executed project management platform. We were pulling our hair out using Google keep, which one, who is no longer part of our team, chose as a replacement for Flock (also terrible in several key ways). After many arduous hours of research, comparing, and testing; I think it’s safe to say that Asana is our new home for project management, task tracking, and related collaboration. Kudos to you all!

The only “quirky” thing I’ve run into so far is with copying several projects in order to break them into separate team projects. I found the following two issues (though minor and easy to overcome):

  1. Copying projects seemed to duplicate tasks under “My Tasks” (I believe because I had one task at the main level and then the same task copied into a sub-level). Fortunately, it was easy to see which ones were at the sub-level team project I wanted to keep, making it easy to delete the other one.

  2. While you drag-and-drop ability to rearrange is VERY slick, I found that I had to create a fake project under a team in order to have the ability to drag-and-drop the project from another team. Then, I could delete the fake or temp project. It is a minor thing and possibly my lack of understanding how it should work, but I thought I’d mention it, because the whole experience of moving and managing tasks was so liberating and “almost perfect” for me. :slight_smile: