Bring back the black bell in the Inbox

This is the kind of change that makes me wonder sometimes if the Asana Product team talks to users sometimes. They should probably join us more often when we have sessions with clients.

On the image, we can see the “unfollow” button was moved into a 3-dot menu.

That’s a very (very) bad decision imho. This button was the only way to solve a situation that was already quite bad: subscribing people by default on new tasks added to projects. It is to me the #1 reason the Asana adoption is hard.

Not only this default setting hasn’t changed, but now the button to fix is even harder to reach.

I don’t often raise my voice but this time I do :sweat_smile:


@ambforumleader calling out the big guns to help me raise awareness :slight_smile:


LOL please do not raise your voice. We hear you… I agree, more clicks to get somewhere is not the best approach especially for something as simple and essential as this. I gave you my +1

Agree… I do use the “F” key to unfollow… but still agree.

It’s worse than you think, @Bastien_Siebman: In a couple of instances I checked, it’s not in the “…” menu for me either!

I instruct clients to click “Leave task” in the bottom right corner of the task detail pane, because that’s present everywhere (same in Inbox as in projects).


I’m really hoping this is an A/B test that never gets shipped… :angry:

The bell I mention is tied to the project settings, I don’t know if there was ever one for tasks? :thinking:

I’m lost! I guess I don’t really understand what you’re referring to; sorry.

What you are talking about might be this

which is the button to leave a task from the task pane.

My screenshot is a button to stop receiving new tasks notifications on projects you are a member of. I did not know the inbox had a button to leave task, I’ve never seen it…

I understand now. I bet no one clicked on it because it was hidden in a menu that itself is probably not well-used.

Were you aware of the “Project notification settings” link that appears in Inbox when you’re added to a new project? That’s another take at the same thing, I believe, but only appears once:

Re my “Leave task,” it does appear in the Inbox; it’s just in the regular task detail pane (right side) ta the bottom, the same as for a task in My Task or in a project. But I understand that’s tasks and you were concerned about project notification settings.