Is Asana going to get better?


You guys should really set your priorities. Instead of focusing on what you want to achieve with your product (that no-one or very few actually asked), you should always keep one ear open for the things that your users actually need.

There are a ton of feedback that is just being ignored for years, which quite frankly is ridiculous. You should know that small things matter…a lot. Just a simple example…friggin’ dark mode. The whole industry from OS to software to mobile apps have all adapted this eye friendly. Is it really that hard to implement? Coming from a web developer background i know it’s not.

Anyway, the above was just an example, there are a ton in your forum. Instead of focusing on 1 big (in your eyes) feature, think about spending 1/3 of that time to tackling 50-100 small things.

Furthermore it would make it far easier for people to browse and vote on feedback, using a conflux style board instead of your forum. It feels too busy for it’s purpose.

Thank you and i really hope you start pushing updates to all these requests.

Hi @George.C,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We have some exciting plans for 2021 and look forward to sharing them with you in the forum. Please keep an eye on our Announcement category for upcoming updates. We shipped quite a lot of key features this year (you can find them all in our release notes) and will do our best to address some key requests in 2021!

As an active member of the community and someone that talks with Asana very often, I can tell you they are listening to the feedback and reconsidering all requests on a regular basis.


Hey @Bastien_Siebman,

Thanks for your reply. I know i came on a bit harsh but it’s simply for the reason that small things that people are asking and could save a ton of their precious time are not being implemented faster.

I get that a company has a bigger vision and want to introduce major features, but small things do matter and since all of us have precious time, those needs to handled with top priority.

I would like to point you on another example:

Since May 2017 and still has not been implemented. A simple addition of project name to the calendar. This is already implemented by other services such as Clickup.

An active listener and watcher of the forum would tackle this instantly.