Show Project Name with Tasks on Calendar


In the Calendar view in My Tasks, it would be really helpful to list the project name along with the name of the task. Our tasks frequently have the same or similar names in all of our projects, so it’s really hard to tell what project a task is associated with.

Using highlight colors helps, but if any projects use the same colors, it no longer helps.

Having to click on the task and then hover over the project name (because the name is always truncated with an ellipsis) is pretty clunky.


+1 for this, I have been adding a shortened project title to each of my tasks, but then it looks redundant in the individual project view.

Would be great to get a programatic fix


Strongly agree! Colored tags don’t provide nearly the clarity I need to track my tasks. Project labels - and what I would recommend is adding a field to projects to capture a short name or label for the project - would be much better.


Agreed here. There also aren’t enough colors and once you have multiple tags applied, the calendar view becomes totally random.


+1 Agree. I am looking forward to this change


Yes please!!


I’d love this :slight_smile:


I’d be very interested in this too. One of the main reasons were investigating using Asana for project management is to demonstrate to other departments where we are in regards to the projects that they’ve tasked us with.

It’s too cumbersome to have every task list both the name of the project and the name of the task. Particularly as there are many tasks in every project, all generated from the same template.


I’d like this too, was there ever a response or resolution?


Another +1 for this. I’m partially color-blind so being able to put colors on the items doesn’t help me much.