Multiple tabs in Desktop app

Hello all! I’m glad to share we’re currently running an A/B test allowing Asana users to open multiple tabs in the Desktop app :slight_smile:

A few things to note:

  • What’s the maximum number of tab I can open at once?: You can have up to 20 tabs open at once, at which point the “New tab” option will be disabled.
  • Can I manually resize my tabs?: No you can’t, but Asana will automatically resize all your tabs to accommodate for new tabs.
  • Can I re-organise my tabs?: Yes you can using drag and drop!
  • Can I sort or group tabs?: Not at this time.
  • Do you have new shortcuts: Yes (they were stolen from Chrome :slight_smile: )
Action Shortcut
New Window CMD + n (already exists)
New Tab CMD + t
Close Tab CMD + w
Close Window CMD + Shift + w
Reopen closed tab CMD + Shift + t
Next Tab * CMD + Option + Right arrow* Control + Tab
Prev Tab CMD + Option + Left arrow
Move tab right Ctrl + Shift + PgUp
Move tab left Ctrl + Shift + PgDn
Minimize the window CMD + m
Hide Asana CMD + h
Quit Asana CMD + q

This test will run through the end of November, stay tuned for updates!