Multi-select custom field?

+1 for this feature!
Not only I need this for my projects that need multi-select custom field, I also need this for my forms, too, because, yes, the form does have the multi-selection feature, great! but i can’t link it to a field in the project to reflect the form’s answers. PLEASE ADD THIS SOON!


+1! This would be such a great feature - on competitive platforms, this works super smoothly and adds a lot of value


Any updates on this topic. Multi-select would be a great feature for us all.

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Need this! Using repeated fields with a suffix “_1, _2, _3” as a work around

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Since you’ve published a Social media Project Template plus Blog Post it is confusing how you can talk about ‘Channel(s)’ and then not have a multi-select custom field…

+1 seriously

+1, really need it !!

That is a really basic feature to have.

Is there any workaround?

Yep, there are several - see item “F10” here:

Hi @Phil_Seeman

Can I make a suggestion? Please don’t mention that features are coming and then let it hang for years on end?

There are other features I have noticed on other boards that people have been waiting on for years and there is no clear indication from Asana when some of these features will be released.

I have asked that there be a way to open source some of the code so that at lease we can contribute to the features because they are very much needed.



I don’t work for Asana, so I don’t make those calls - I was just repeating what they had published in the forum. But the fact that they mentioned upcoming custom field changes and then ended up not releasing those changes does highlight why they tend not to discuss anything before it’s released!


Is there a reason for this thread being located under “Tips and Tricks”?

Could it be moved to product feedback so that people can actually vote for this?

There already is a Product Feedback thread for this! Here you go:

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Multi-Select custom fields are a MUST !!! Why ignore so many users asking for it for over 2 years now?


Is this available yet??? I could really use it in the projects I am tracking.

Hello @Michael_Gluzman and @Paul_Inverso

I am sure the Asana team and developers are doing everything they can to implement as many features as possible which is also reflected in the regular announcements of new features that are implemented :slight_smile:

Here is a detailed overview of how Asana is listening to product feedback:

And I would also like to refer to Sebastien‘s comment here

Hope that helps :smiley:

P.s. When communicating I recommend to not use a lot of !!! or ??? as it is kind of interpreted as shouting and at least for me seems bit unfriendly :wink:


Hi everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce that we are rolling out Multi-select custom fields in Asana! :ballot_box_with_check:

Multi-select custom fields allow the selection of several values at a time. For example, a Social Media Manager needs to assign different channels to the assets they keep track. This and more use cases will be now possible using multi-select custom fields!

Going forward, you will be able to select “Multi-select” in the Field type when creating new custom fields.

Please note we are gradually rolling out this feature and we hope to implement it to all customers by end of October. If you don’t have access yet, it will be available soon. Thanks for your patience and if you have any feedback or questions please create new requests in the #productfeedback and #tipsandtricks categories! We will be happy to help! :slight_smile: