Moving recurring task back and forth between sections

Hi! I have a board that I’m using to track big picture projects and individual tasks alongside my daily/regular to-do tasks. Currently, I have a “backlog” section where I can log ideas and projects until I’m ready to get started on them, an “in progress” section that contains tasks I’m actively working on that day, and an “ongoing” section where I’ve outlined several tasks that I do which reoccur weekly or monthly.

I’ve created a custom rule where, when it that recurring tasks due date, it will move from “Ongoing” to “In progress” and I can see it’s something I need to take care of for the day. After completing the task and marking it as done, one instance of that task will move down to a separate “Completed” section, but the main task with the recurring due date remains in the “in progress” section. Is it possible to create a rule so that after I mark one of these recurring tasks as complete, the main task will move back to ongoing until its due date arrives that next week, at which point it will once again move to “in progress”?

Essentially, I want to keep shifting the main task back and forth between “in progress” and “ongoing”, while a separate instance of this is logged as complete each time I do it.


This is a known issue and there a many threads on the topic on the forum, maybe you can try to find them. I don’t believe anyone found a solution or I don’t remember it… @lpb @Phil_Seeman any idea?


Welcome, @Micah_Ballif, and thanks, @Bastien_Siebman,

I’m afraid I don’t have a solution to your specific request; I’m not sure that what you’re asking is possible with rules.

Depending on the nature of the task, I sometimes implement an alternative approach of just having a single task and tracking the history within it, either in subtasks or the Description. Then I just have a single task and maybe that allows some rules to be used or, if not, then it’s just one task to move around.

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I don’t have anything helpful to add on top of @lpb 's post.