Using rules to move a repeating task due Tomorrow to a different section

In My Tasks, I want to see only the tasks due today. But when I mark any recurring daily task as done, it will spawn a duplicate that’s due tomorrow, in its place. I want to use rules to move those to another section so I can focus on the tasks due today. How do I do this? I’ve tried all kinds of custom rules and stuff, nothing seems to work. Main problem seems to me is that there’s no trigger that is applicable in this case. I want all the tasks marked due “Tomorrow” moved to a certain section.

Look at Profile Settings > Hacks, there is one specific to moving recurring task into the last section of My Tasks


It’s hilarious how specific it is. But thank you, because that is better. However it’s didn’t actually fully solve the problem because my last section is actually a “completed” section not the “Upcoming” section. But I guess I can move that around and it could work for now. I hope they make stuff like this easier and better soon. Thanks for the help.

@Necryl_Wayfarer I had the same case where my last section was called “completed”
All I did was made my last section: “Later (or Completed)” This way all completed tasks and recurring tasks is there and I just see the incomplete tasks.

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