Rule-Based Task Section Reassignment

Does anyone know of a way to automatically move a task from one section, to another? So I’m looking for a way to reassign tasks that are 30 days past their due date. We’ve created an ‘archived tasks’ section within the project, and I’m looking for a way to take any tasks that are 30-days past the due date (and completed) and move them to this archived section. Any thoughts? Thank you!


Hi @Jason_Rojas

Completed tasks won’t be overdue

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I know. That’s what I was running into. I was looking for a way to basically take the due date, add 30 days to it, and use that as a trigger to move to a new section.

@Phil_Seeman anything in Flowsana?

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(Thanks, @Getz_Pro!)


Yes, our Flowsana integration has a rule that will do this. Creating the rule looks like this:


@Phil_Seeman Game changer! Thank you so much. @Getz_Pro Thank you as well. Very much appreciate the help.


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