Make a rule to move 'Completed tasks' to 'Done done -section'?

I would like to make a rule to move 'Completed tasks to a section of own choice - when it has been completed for XX days - cause in many projects we operate with Done-done or an Archive which we never delete.

Is that possible?

Hi @Claudia_Zöllner,

Are you saying that the task needs to be moved XX days after it has been marked complete?


(FYI moved this to the #tipsandtricks forum section, as it’s not about Asana API development)

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Yes :slight_smile:

Here is a work around that I believe should work:

Trigger: Task marked complete
Trigger: Task is overdue by (amount of days you want to wait in order to move task)

Action: Move to certain section

The key to this whole sequence is when you add the second trigger, you must select “When all triggers have occurred”

Hope this makes sense!

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Thank you Mike - a lot :slight_smile: I will try that :slight_smile:

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