Reassigning overdue tasks and task promotion with Rules

In My Tasks, I am creating a rule that puts a newly assigned task into the “overdue” section if the new assignment is already past due. This is a case where I am importing tasks from an off-boarded coworker and some things fell by the wayside.

I am setting up a rule:
When all the triggers happen - Task moved to certain section AND Task is overdue

In my case, it’s “task recently assigned” and “if the task is overdue”

But now I have to select how many days past. Does “task is X days overdue” mean “x days or more overdue”?

For example, if I have a task I’m reassigning that is two weeks overdue, will it be captured (moved to “overdue”) if I set the rule as “task recently assigned” and “task is 1 day overdue”?

One test seems to say that “no, that’s not how it works” – as in, when you set “task is X days overdue”, that X is exact: the task must be Exactly X (1, 2, 5, days/weeks/months) overdue in order to trigger the sort of rule I am trying to run

Hey @Annelise_Roti_Roti,

what you are trying to set up should definitely work see this post for more information.

Just keep this in mind: * They’re are not retroactive → meaning that they will only work on tasks becoming due or overdue after the rule creation.

If you need further rule features you might want to have a look at Flowsana by Phil

Does that help?

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Hi Andrea! Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, the solution doesn’t quite work for me. I had already looked at that post. I haven’t looked at Flowsana yet, which I might try. But at the end of the day, I want to know how Asana treats that flag of “x days overdue”.

Since the rule doesn’t work retroactively, it should run as follows:

  • create rule that puts new, overdue task in Overdue section (using 1 day overdue trigger)
  • create new task with due date in past
    → Rule runs and puts new, overdue task in Overdue section

When I tested this by setting the rule then creating a New Task with a Due Date 3 days in the past, the rule did not run. The task is not retroactive, since it is a new task. So that can’t be why the rule didn’t run. Thus, I suspect that the rule specification of dates is too exact.

So I tested this again and created a New Task that is Overdue by a single day to match the rule trigger. Since it’s a new task, it triggers a rule of being moved to Recently Assigned.

The rule I have that should move it to Overdue triggers on “Moved to Recentlly Assigned” AND “Task is Overdue By 1 Day” - and this rule did not run.

Is Asana treating my New Task as retroactive because the due date is set in the past?

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