@Mentioning groups of users in comment


Is there a way to tag multiple users in a comment update for a project, aside from individually tagging each person you want to reference?
Ex. @ greg @ Mystie @ Tanner - Hey guys, please see the updated description!

Our team uses comments to update on projects religiously, and I was wondering if there is a grouping feature where you can create a group like “Marketing team” and tag everyone in the marketing team to see your comment.
Ex. @ marketingteam - Hey team! Please see the update I made to Project X!

Or if you have users from outside your business inside your Asana org, and you want to mention them all on a comment, but not your own team.
Ex. @ clientXteam - Hi guys, just wanted to make sure you saw your code was updated!

Not a huge deal, as it’s easy enough to just tag each individual person. But would be helpful to have an @ all tag or an @ specificgroup that you create to mention multiple people at once! Especially if you have lots of people in your Asana Org!


Hey @Anthony_Berardi! Unfortunately, we don’t have a feature or a workaround allowing you to tag a group of members rather than mentioning them individually. That said, I can appreciate how helpful it would be, especially if comments and mentions are fully part of your workflow. We don’t have any changes planned in the near future, but I’ll make a note of your feedback for our Product Team!


Is this implimented yet.?


Doubtful! But would still be awesome if it was!

We have multiple teams we use and would be very useful to tag everyone/or groups that you could create within a team


Ditto! This would be a really helpful feature for us!