massive asana issue - no team tagging possible

We are a team of +50 persons in each project.
We have the situation in brainstorming tasks and in many other task to link ALL team member.
In good project management tools you can do that by tagging team member name to tag a specific team.
Or you add @all and you will tag all your teams/members.

What about asana?
Asana is still sleeping and say:
you can tag each person one by one.
Or (same terrible idea): you can do that via email or via team page.

And not a good idea to track information in one place and tag the person in another pleace. Its important to keep everything into the regarding task. Nobody wanna create a task, jump into another area to send information to users/teams. And worst case is what asana say: tag all one by one in description.

I do not belive asana also stuck in basics like this in 2023. Maybe somebody have a solution?


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