Tagging all project members within a task comment (equivalent of "@general" in MS Teams)

Hi, is there way to @mention all project members in a private project, or to create a group? I often need to mention all project members to ask them to contribute to a task. E.g. one person is responsible for creating a meeting agenda, I make a new task called “create meeting agenda”, assign it to that person but want to ask all project members to send their topic requests to the assignee.

On MS Teams this is easy, I use “@general” so I don’t have to type out all names individually. For emails I’d create an email group.

This is specifically referring to @mentions within a task, I don’t want to send a message out to all project members.

Is this possible on Asana?


Hi @Emma_Charles , welcome to the forum :smiley:

Unfortunately you cannot do this within a comment in a task because when you @mention a person, a task, a project and also a team, it will basically just create a link to the task, project or team page - this action will not add the contributors or notify the members involved, unless you manually add them as contributors to the task.

The best way, in your case, to communicate to all project members regarding a task is to:

  1. set up a project with all the relevant members (similar to an emailing group)
  2. use the orange omni-button in the top right (or the new ‘Create’ button in the top left, if you are using the new UI) and select ‘Message’.
  3. in the ‘To’ part of the message type in the name of your project. And in the subject @mention the task you are referring to so you create a link to it. Once posted, the message will be added to the project’s ‘Messages’ tab while also sending a notification to all it’s members. However, they could opt out of such notifications in the project’s ‘Manage notification’ settings so make sure their Messages notifications are checked!

The above steps are the same action if you simply go into the project’s Messages tab and create a new message there.

Also note that if you type a Team’s name in the message’s ‘To’ it will send a message to the Team’s messages tab and send a notification to all team members. The difference with a team message is that members cannot opt out of receiving such a message notification simply because there aren’t any such settings to uncheck :wink:

Hello Emma.
We also stuck in asana with basics like that, which are working like in other good project management tools… :frowning:

We also have the situation in brainstorming tasks and in many other task. And its a general daily business satiation, that you dont wanna tag all 50 team members one by one like a person that work without any project management tool or like to work in a fully outated software. So we realy need to add all 50 team members for every task to give them the information from the created task?

And its a terrible idea to link something in team page, because we wanna keep information and updates in one place (task) while we create the task.


@Thomas_83 , I agree this feature is something that Asana should be able to add. You can already find this feature to assign to Team members (not Project members) when you want to assign multiple people to the same task (which creates duplicates). In hindsight, this is what I would have suggested to @Emma_Charles, for her specific case; instead of asking all collaborators or project members to send their requests to the the assignee, they should logically each have a task for that.

But can you elaborate on why you need to add 50 collaborators to every task? I personally don’t think Asana is designed for such a use case, although there are alternatives.

For example, if you are on the Business Plan, you could create a Rule which adds the same collaborators to each task that is added to the project. You would only need to set this up once for your project.

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We are a team of +50 persons in each project.
We have the situation in brainstorming tasks and in many other task to link ALL team member.
In good project management tools you can do that by tagging team member name to tag a specific team.
Or you add @all and you will tag all your teams/members.

What about asana?
Asana is still sleeping and say:
you can tag each person one by one.
Or (same terrible idea): you can do that via email or via team page.

And not a good idea to track information in one place and tag the person in another pleace. Its important to keep everything into the regarding task. Nobody wanna create a task, jump into another area to send information to users/teams. And worst case is what asana say: tag all one by one in description.

I do not belive asana also stuck in basics like this in 2023. Maybe somebody have a solution?




Where in Asana are you referring to specifically? You can @mention a team in Asana.

I asked in support ticket and they told me we have to tag each person one by one!
I re-asked in same ticket any plan to improve that and they reply: no idea, but i can create an idea for upvoting…

i will share this information in support ticket. Thank you!

@Thomas_83 , it’s best to post once and not create another topic for the same issue. I’ve merged your other post here also (along with @Phil_Seeman 's reply) where you can actually add your vote. Thanks.

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Why we need to add a vote? I understand we already can tag teams and not need to select all users one by one?!

I can do it in comments and in task description.
But in a structured way in a specific custom field its not possible?

Along these lines, I want to create a meeting agenda for a future date and tag all the project members. How best can I accomplish this?

You can do this with Monday.com when will this be available?


This is something I would also really like. I’d like to be able to create a “group” of any subset of users, and then tag that group in comments in a variety of places. This is the biggest blocker to being able to use Asana as the main form of communication at the company.


This is needed and Monday.com has this we have to stay competitive

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Just like clickup, there should be a @assignes tag, or slack, a @channel tag. that is what this is for. what is with the over complication?

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Surprised this doesn’t exist in Asana. It exists in Monday, Clickup, MS Teams and Notion …