Search for @mentions in Asana

I have a user in my org who would like to be able to see a list of tasks they’ve been tagged in. I’ve tried to do an advanced search and it hasn’t really returned the data I need. I’m inputting the name of the person in the “has tags” field but it doesn’t really give me what I want. Is this search even possible?

Hi @Vai_Cheung

Do you mean @ mentions? If so, I don’t think there’s a specific search for that. However, whenever a person is @ mentioned in a task, they become a collaborator. The nearest thing I can think of is to search for all tasks followed by that individual - Followed By is one of the fields in advanced search.

The alternative is to create an actual tag for each team member, which can be attached to any task - as long as you don’t have hundreds, of course!


Hi @Mark_Hudson, yes I do mean @mentions. Thanks for this. Useful. I’d forgotten that @mentions are added as collaborators so I think this might be sufficient. Creating an actual tag for each member is not really a viable option as we do have about 100 users. Thanks again for your response.

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There is an option to see tasks that have been “Commented on by” (screenshot below) a certain teammate, but as @Mark_Hudson mentioned, there is not an option to filter by tasks where a certain teammate is commented to.

We’ll capture this as a feature request for the product team, and any other information you can share about how this would be helpful for your team would be great to include. Thanks for sharing!


I want to find the list of task where a particular Asana User is @mentioned in Comment or Description of a task.

I found option to list the task “Commented on By” via advance search : +Add Filter --> People --> Commented on by

Which give the list who has commented on particular task, which is itself a great feature.

But i need, the list of task, where Asana Organization/Workspace/Team Member/User/Guest has been Mentioned via @mention tag.

Is there any feature like this in Asana ? or any work around for this ? This would be great help for me and my organization.

Thank you

No you can’t (yet)

There’s a similar thread here, @ARaj:

Thanks for flagging this @Mark_Hudson! I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread with Is it possible to a list of tasks a user has been tagged in?

Any updates on when we might be able to search for @mentions in Asana?


Not at the moment @Katie_Reynolds; as far as I’m aware, this isn’t in our near-term plan, but certainly something we will consider in the future!

Thanks for the reply Marie. With things falling down the Inbox quickly it would be great to have a work around to make sure you are seeing your @ mentions. Seems like we are missing communications.


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