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I have created a workspace using a Gmail account. I paid for 2 seats, but need to invite guests outside of the work Gmail account. However, anytime I add someone, it counts them as a member or limited member (and not as a guest). Asana is now saying we are over our seat limit. Is this because the “guests” I tried to invite also use Gmail?

How can I avoid this? I only have 2 people in my small business and need a few others to access short-term projects.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Kellee_Kosiorek1 - Welcome to the Asana community! I am fairly new here as well, but am familiar with your issue. I just set up some guest users in our organization! Guest users must have a separate email domain from your organization. A regular Gmail account should not prevent you setting a user as a guest.

To start, you can review the permissions for all of your members and guests through the Admin Console for your organization. On the left of the Admin page, choose Members. This will bring up a list of all users currently linked to your organization. Be sure to select All in the dropdown, or you may not see everyone.

Here you can select each member and then set their individual access. All non-members should be marked Guest in this area.


There is additional information regarding user permissions in this thread.


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The issue has to do with the distinction between a workspace and an organization. What you have is a workspace set up with a email address.

In a workspace, there is no such thing as a “guest”. There are “members” and “limited access members”; these have differences in what they can do and can access but both count toward your user limit. In a workspace there is no way to have someone in it who doesn’t count toward your user limit.

An organization is a space that’s set up with a unique email domain. In an organization, people you invite that have that same email domain are “members” and are counted toward your user limit; people you invite who have a different email domain are “guests” and are not counted toward your user limit.

See these Asana Guide articles for more info:

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Hi @Phil_Seeman :wave:t3:

Thank you for the additional information and clarification!

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