Guests vs. Team Members in a Workspace

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I am new to Asana and I would really appreciate it if you could clarify matters regarding:
a) the difference of guests and team members when it comes to access; and
b) maximum number of guests that I can invite in a workspace.

I’m really hoping for your considerate guidance and immediate response. Thank you very much!


@Marise_Catud Guests are people you invite into one of your Teams or Projects without using your company’s corporate Email - that’s what makes them guests - not having your corporate Email. However, permissions are same for both - once invited, they can do same things as your normal members.

Maximum number of guests (or any kind of member) in Teams are limited up to 15 members in free version. However, you can invite more per Project (not Team).


Thank you so much for this, @kshengelia! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it! <3

Regarding the maximum number of guests, I realize that there is a maximum of 15 members per Team in the free version, though I tried inviting people as guests in a workspace and there are currently 21 persons listed as guests and 3 members. Is there any implication to my workspace?

Another thing, I have signed up for an Asana account and have not joined an organization. What are the implications of this?

Thank you in advance for the help!


@Marise_Catud you’re welcome :slight_smile: As with questions, I am not really sure if guests are counted in 15-member limit or not. Maybe you could try this page.

As with Organization account, it depends what kind of Email you have used to create Asana account. If you used personal Email, you will be joined only to Personal Projects workspace (where you can manage your stuff).

If you use corporate Email, you will join Personal Projects as well as organization. Screenshot by Lightshot

If you have used personal Email and now you want to add yourself to organization, you should add organization Email to your account - Screenshot by Lightshot

More on this matter - How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

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There is a slight difference between members and guests:

Workspace Members have full access to all public projects, tasks, and conversations in your Workspace.

All Workspace Members can:

  • Rename Workspaces
  • Upgrade or Downgrade to a Premium Plan
  • Become Billing Owner
  • Invite or remove people
  • Convert people to Members or Guests

Workspace Guests are people with restricted access to your Workspace. Workspace Guests will only see projects you share with them. You might invite contractors, clients, or other third parties as Workspace Guests, giving them access to relevant projects and tasks without giving them access to everything in your Workspace.

Guest can’t do any of the things listed above.

You can read more here.


This is a GREAT thread specific to my question! Reviving this thread more specifically to my situation, but I imagine this isn’t anything new to people who have converted from Workspace to Organization.

I recently changed our workspace into an organization (still using the Free version, as there are not a lot of actual team members in our non-profit involved yet, and we are evaluating our PMIS needs), and have several projects set up. In one of the projects, we have many external contributors to the project that we do NOT want to be in the organization team, just in the project itself. They were previously invited to the project only when we were still a workspace (before the organization conversion) not in the workspace.

I am in the process of converting our internal team members to use their domain-assigned email addresses; I understand they count towards our member count in the organization. However, when going into membership counts, both our domain name users AND the project-specific external contributors are counting towards our member count, including the external contributors just assigned to one project.

How do I make sure that the external contributors ( who were invited to just the project when we were a workspace) are NOT counted as organization members, but just contributors specific to the project only? Please let me know, as I want to make sure our contributor and our organization members are counted correctly (and, that our project-specific contributors do not see sensitive team conversations and information outside the scope of the project).

Thank you, folks!


Hi @Meir_Cabaltera - We’ll be glad to help! By nature - if someone is a limited access member, they should not be counted as organization members. You can read full details about members here. If you’d like to go into more specifics, our support team will be happy to help you look at your account info to make sure everything is set up the way you’d like it to be. (We don’t want to reveal your account info here in the Community.) Feel free to contact support at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana!

Is it still true that limited access members aren’t supposed to count as members? We have a Workspace. After the Guest => Limited Access Member change, all of our guests are now counting as members. We had to remove all of our guest accounts. Basically, it forced us to not allow customers to follow the status of their projects.


I found this ridiculous but completely true of the new policy (thanks to several conversations with support). Free users are allowed unlimited guests but as soon as you enter the paid tiers, you’l get stuck paying for each and every guest you invite. For us, moving to premium worked out to be a shameless money grab for functionality that we used to get for free.

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There is a lot of misinformation regarding this subject. Unless things have changed it is fundamentally important to understand the following:

  1. Free Workspaces and Free Organizations; Asana generously allows 15 participants but anyone collaborating together counts towards that 15 whether limited or not. Having said that many overlook a fair and generous solution.
  2. It is very rare for a company to not benefit from setting themselves up as an Organization. Organizations only count the number of members that have the same domain name as the organization, this leaves any other invitees that don’t have a company email address as free participants. In my view this is very generous and I will tell you from research that some of the top competitors do not do this.
  3. Many have found there solution if they exceed the 15 to buy a premium account for the number of domain users and switched to an organization. Asana support can convert workspaces to an Organization.

Is there any way to convert a guest to an org member? we just upgraded and would like to change the guests to org members. i’m the admin of the account, and we have sufficient licenses available.

You can have guests, they just can’t use the same domain as the company (then they would be employees, not guests).

Guests are defined as people with a non company email. So unless you set up a new email for them, you can’t really convert them.

Thanks! Is it possible to have multiple domains under one account? Unfortunately, our company has a few “sub” domains – same company, different email addresses.


Thats only true if you convert yourself to an “organization” Otherwise everyone you invite takes a seat under the premium tier. In my case, my invitees were on gmail, I was on my own domain… And despite the different domains, they each grabbed one of my seats on my paid plan. When I reached out to support, i was informed that was simply the way it worked; and that I should buy more seats.

Have the same question in my company!

Is there a limit to how many “Limited Menders” a paid tier can have for projects and teams?

Yes you can. If you have admin rights, you can go to the Admin Console. Then go to Settings. Then go to Associated Domains. You can add more there. I couldn’t tell you if there are any limits. I just know we have two for my company.

Hi! I’m in the business tier and I just invited a guest (with an account) and my Asana is counting that person as a member, not guest. Any idea why?

Hi @Eduardo_Mussali. Not sure if you were able to resolve this yet? Please see this thread for similar question: Guests vs. Team Members in a Workspace - #17 by Hans_Rippel

Assuming you are set-up on a Workplace (not an Organization) - Workspaces do not require a common company email domain and every person you invite to collaborate on a task or a project will be counted as a member of your workspace, regardless of being added as Members or Limited Access Members. This means they will count toward your paid plan (whether is premium, business or enterprise plan).

Guests are strictly tied to Organizations. They are users who do not share the Organization email domain and have been invited to to work on a specific task, project or team. Guests of an Organization do not count toward the paid plan (Premium, Business or Enterprise).

If you have a company email domain, I would highly encourage you to consider converting your workspace into an Organization. You can learn more about it in the following guide article:

Hope this helps!