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I have used Asana primarily as an individual for many years. I just want to check up that things have not changed on seat utilization as I will now be heading up a community pursuit to build pickleball courts and I want to use Asana to coordinate the entire effort. I have a premium 5 seat license. Last time I knew to be a member and use up a seat you had to have the same company email extension. You could have unlimited guests throughout all aspects of Asana ie, Teams, Projects without using up a seat. In additions please remind me if a guest can invite another non domain person to a Project or Team or only members with the account domain can invite new guests. Thanks

Hello @James_Carl,

Yes that is correct.

Here is an overview on Paid vs guest user and what they can/can‘t do: Working with Guests in an Organization • Asana Product Guide

Have a look here: Working with Guests in an Organization • Asana Product Guide

In terms of projects you can make them private to avoid other users being added: Project permissions | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

You can do the same for teams.

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