Meet your new My Tasks

Hi @Robin_Eldred,

Asana has said they’ll soon be improving (or some might say “repairing”) the behavior of recurring tasks in My Tasks. so hopefully you’ll have some relief soon!


Thanks for the update, Phil. Much appreciated, and fingers are crossed.

Hi, I just got the new “My tasks”. Love the rules. :grinning:

Any way to delete the four default sections?
I can apparently delete the sections apart from the “Recently assigned” only in board view, is it by design?

If a delete a section, do I delete the tasks in that section? If the tasks are not deleted from the section I delete, where do they go?

Answers to those questions will get me started with the new “My tasks”, for the time being, thanks.

Hi Patrick,

You can delete any section in the new My Tasks except for “Recently assigned” (which you can rename and move, but not delete).

However, a section has to be empty - have no tasks in it (including completed tasks) - in order to delete it. So you’ll need to delete or move tasks out of a section before you can get rid of that section.


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Hi everyone - thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We really appreciate your insights and your input is incredibly important as we continue to make My Tasks more powerful.

I’ve been reading your comments and I wanted to provide a little bit of clarity about the roll out and feature requests for this launch. The migration of Free and Premium customers is almost complete, and we’ll begin to roll out Business and Enterprise customers soon. We’re being intentional and thoughtful about slowly rolling out the updated My Tasks to ensure that all customers have the best experience and don’t encounter any unexpected behavior during the roll out. Thanks for your patience, we appreciate how excited you are about the new My Tasks experience!

Keyboard shortcuts

I also want to take this opportunity to share that we’ve just released Keyboard shortcuts for My Tasks sections! :tada: You can now use two different keyboard shortcuts to quickly move tasks that are assigned to you between the sections in your My Tasks.

  • Use Tab-Y when the task pane is open and the task is assigned to you to open the section mover menu for your My Tasks.
  • Use Tab-U when you have one or more tasks selected to open the section mover menu for these tasks (this works in both projects and in My Tasks!)

Once the menu is open, you can navigate it with the arrow keys and hit enter to select the section. We are going to keep iterating on this feature to make it even better!

Recurring tasks in the “Recently assigned” section

We are working on a fix for this issue and we hope to have news soon. I’ll share any updates as soon as I have any! In the meantime, you can share your feedback here: Recurring tasks show as “Recently Assigned” in My Tasks

Lastly, please note I’m closing this conversation for now to avoid any further confusion and keep this post as visible as possible. I will re-open this thread as soon as we have updates to share over the coming weeks. Again, we really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and will make sure to share every detail with our product team so we can continue improving My Tasks.