Meet our new Task option Menu


It did @lpb :+1:t3: I’ll be in touch as soon as I have more information :slight_smile:

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I’m curious. Where is this “Mark as Milestone”


Yes I would like to be able to do this to groups of tasks - I sometime needs to do 100+ and this is very time consuming…

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I was just about to add the same feedback. Moving tasks to subtasks in groups would, in some circumstances, save a lot of time.

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Just a note, if I read this correctly, “Add to Project” on a task is EPIC because I have one project where are the subtasks are first-class items in A DIFFERENT PROJECT and having this on the task is AWESOME. If you’re not using this feature, you might not be using asana to the fullest.

I use subtasks to create completable work items from high-level goals and only completeable work goes into my task board. I use projects for different levels of planning and I’m checking right now to see if this is launched for me.


I’m not sure if I follow, @Ben_West. “Add to Project” has always been a menu item for a task; it’s just now in a different place (submenu). So you needn’t wait for anything to be launched if I follow you.


I WAS unclear. I’ve been waiting for add as subitem. I just added an unrelated comment to my reply. Add to Project HAS always been there, I’d love a way to access this item from a task list, though.


They seem to have edited the post to replace the image with one that didn’t have that Milestone feature. I posted as much: Meet our new Task option Menu


@Marie If my memory is correct you use to be able to add a Project to a subtask without it showing up in the center pane along with tasks. This was much cleaner as the center pane was confined to Tasks. In the event you wanted the subtask to show up in the center pane I believe you also had that option. Now it looks like there is no way to keep subtasks that have had a project added to them out of the center pane. I did not know whether to report this as a bug because I am not sure I am right or just comment on it here. There has already been a lot of concern of the fact that adding a subtask does not automatically create a project equal to its Parent as you would expect in a hierarchical structure. I hope I am wrong and there is still a way to add a project to a subtask that does not result in the subtask showing up in the center pane. Could you please confirm.


Hi @James_Carl and thanks for the mention!

I can confirm that when adding a subtask to its Project, the subtask do show in the central pane; but that was always the case!

What I can recommend, is to create a Section at the bottom of your project dedicated to these “subtasks”; this way they’ll be all located in one place and won’t disturb your Project too much!

Hope this helps! Happy Monday!

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Hi @lpb,

Just to let you know that the “Add to project” option is back in the top-level menu :wink:

Sub-tasks assigned to me in calendar view

That’s great, @Marie – thanks!!


Hi @Marie! We are using relations between different lists a lot for event planning. The feature to add as subtask is a great added functionality. But when we create a relation to a parent task, the task disapears from the original list. And we have to go in an add it to project as an extra step to get it back to the original list. It would be preferable if we didn’t have to do that, or if it was some kind of option.

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Hi @Erik_Ruth, just to make sure I’m getting this right, are your referring to task dependency when you say we use “relations”?


Hi @Marie! No, we actually use the Add to Project-relations. We have all our customers and suppliers in separate lists. When we do agreements with them we add it as different subtasks. These subtask we also add to different production lines/checklists (free tickets, blog post, order print, add to map for example). With the add as subtask, we can also connect tasks that has been planned the other way (order toilets) to a supplier as a subtask. In that way we see the project/planning from different perspectives.

To simplify it, we have about 40 project lists with tasks that we related as subtasks to 2 lists, Customer and Supplier.

One thing that also would be really helpful for us, would be to be able to copy a whole team (all the projects) so we could keep all the relations until next season.


@Marie @Erik_Ruth I have also had this happen to me when I used the “make a subtask of” feature of a task in a different project than the one I assigned to be its parent task. It would be awesome if it could be updated so that doesn’t happen!

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hi im trying to move several subtasks from one task to another task. im not seeing ‘move task’ in the menu for the subtask. is it possible to bulk move subtasks from one task to another task?

currently im dragging all subtasks to the centre panel, then moving them one by one to the new task’s subtask area. :frowning:

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Hi @Clayton_Chipper and thanks for reaching out!

That does sound strange, I’ve just tried to reproduce here and I seem to have the option to move several subtasks under another task (see screenshot below)

Can you show me what you’re seeing on your end?

Looking forward to your reply!


Hi Marie

yes i am actually seeing that. thanks for following up. i was looking for it in the main dropdown list as shown at the start of this thread but it must have moved sometime in between :smile:

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