Create New Task from Quick Add menu doesn't show project sections

Creating a new task from the button, doesn’t allow you to choose the section of the related project.

I’ve noticed that. You may know you can use “Enter” within a section to create a task within that section, but you are wanting the dropdown menu option in the “New” button to give an option to place a task within a specific section in a project? That’s a great idea.


In this form I can only associate the task in creation to a project, without chosing a section.
Also, I can’t associate this task to multiple projects during the creation.

Hi @Giulia_Scalaberni and welcome to the Forum! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

You are right here. When using the Quick Add menu to create a new Task the ability to choose the section, and to assign to multiple projects are missing. Once the Task is created, you can then choose these options.

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Hi @Natalia,
thank you for your correction, I didn’t know the technical name for the “Quick add menu”!

Not worries at all @Giulia_Scalaberni. Happy to be able to help :smiley:

When I’m creating a task in the android app, I can only assign it to a project and not to a section within a project. Instead, the tasks needs to be created, then opened then I can move it to a section. This is a pain for long projects with many sections, particularly as I haven’t found a way to creat the task in any location other than at the top of the list.

Rather than having this control for assigning a project:

Could the standard project control be used:


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Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us @Sam! :smiley:

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On mobile, when you create a new task using the shortcut, once you choose the project, you have a choice to select the task’s column. On the desktop, when creating a task via the shortcut, you do not have the choice to select the task’s column until you select the new task’s creation notification and see the full task creation options–e.g., adding tags. Or am I missing something?

Now the feature to add section to a task from quick add menu is working. There is a little bug: you can’t scroll to see the full list of sections