Adding tasks to the section they belong in

Hi there, this is more of a developer request as I am 99.99% sure this is not yet a cure for this big time waster.

I love using the “Sections” to organize my tasks. Unfortunately, on mobile you cannot select the section while adding a task. The only ways to add tasks to a section are to manually drag the task down after it is added, or open the task after it is created and change the section.

Can we make it possible to select the section while creating tasks, similar to how we select projects? Also, can we include “add new task” in the menu options when you click on the dots next to each section? This will greatly improve the flow when adding tasks to Asana.

Hi @Jessica_Van_Ord, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Are you using the quick-add (orange + button) to create tasks and if so, are you adding these to a project or keeping them in your My Tasks only?

If adding the tasks to a project, you can select the Section within the project in the task creation window by clicking the drop down arrow next to the project name. Does this help? :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca,
The Android mobile format doesn’t have a drop down menu for the section when selecting the project. Can you check the app and let me know if I am missing something? Yes, I am using the Quick-Add button.