Asana App - Adding tasks to project sections

Currently when our users are on the go, we can add a new task to a project, but we cannot categorize it into a specific section within that project. This is an important piece for our team, as tasks can then get easily lost if someone does not remember to come back to their desktop version and file it in the appropriate section later on.
Would love to see this capability in the mobile app :slight_smile:


Hi this is available on the Android App. It is a two step process;
1 Add the project initially to the task.
2. When back at the main task screen you should see the little arrow to choose the relevant section.

Hope that helps. If not clear let me know and I will grab some screen shots to explain.


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I am a road warrior and really need the Asana app to be just as effective as the desktop version. What are the plans to ensure the Asana app will have the same features and functionality as the desktop version?

For the sections questions above, I really miss that too (the ability to add sections in a project when using Asana mobile app). However, I use iOS all over (iPhone, iPad), and I understand from your answer above that sections for mobile app is only working for Android - right?

When will I find this - and other useful desktop features - in the iOS app?


Hi @Anne_Kristine_Reknes Not sure if the ability is restricted to Android Only. However just to be sure here are the process that I follow to add sections.

  1. Create Task and Assign to a Project.

  1. Once you are back at the main task window. Next to the project name you will see the down arrow. If you click on that it will then show you the sections that are in that project.

  2. Select one and you should now have a task assigned to a section within a project.

Hope that helps or confirms that the functionality is only available on Android.



Thanks for your quick reply but my question is how I can add a new section in iOS app?

Best, Anne

@Alexis or @Katie Is sections available in the iOS app?

No worries @Anne_Kristine_Reknes

Create the task and end the task with a colon Eg New Task: and it will turn it into a section. :slight_smile:

This (adding colon to change a task into a section) doesn’t seem to work in the android app?

Creating a section by ending it with a colon is no longer supported; you now use the Tab+N shortcut to create a section. See:

This change is part of a larger effort to update the underlying way Asana stores sections so that they can add the ability to switch back and forth between list and board views in a project (among other things).

It’s possible that Tab+N doesn’t work yet in the Android app; Asana has mentioned that it’s not supported yet in the iOS app but should be hopefully coming in a few weeks, so it’s possible Android is in the same boat.

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Android doesn’t have a tab button. How can I create a section from an Android phone?

Hi @Isaac_Broberg at present the ability to create Sections on the Mobile apps is not available. You can only create them on the webapp. My understanding that it will be available in the Mobile App when the full rollout of the Section Replacement work is complete.


Having to go through the whole 2 step process is really not productive- if you want to add multiple tasks one after the other it’s a real pain!