Assigning tasks to more than one section in the same project

I have a task in one project that I’m also sharing with another project. The second project has several sections, but when I use the pulldown menu to select which section to put the task in, I can only seem to select one. Is there a way to put the same task in more than one section in a project?


Hi @Tina_Owen, I’m afraid it’s not possible for one task to be in more than one section of the same project. The only workaround I can think of might be confusing to some: Add a subtask of the task and put the subtask in the second section of the same project. That will at least give you a placeholder in the second section. It will look like this:

Section 1:
Task 1

Section 2:
Subtask 1 < Task 1

If you click on the Subtask, then in the task pane on the right the parent (Task 1) will be clickable to get you to the task itself easily in one more click.

Who’s still with me? :smile:


Thanks, Larry!

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