Using one task under multiple sections

I am building a very comprehensive timeline, and there are instances where a task under a section is duplicated in another section.
My question is, is it possible to duplicate but link a task that is across multiple timelines?
I.e. the timeline is for an event. Abstract submissions close on a specific date. This ‘task’ is relevant to the marketing section but also the abstract review process section. Without duplicating the task, is there a way of it showing under both sections? Or am I better to use dependencies.


I think dependencies or follow up tasks might be the way to go?

You can also multi-home a task into multiple projects (and under a different section in each).

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How do I do that! Sounds perfect.

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Here you go


I 'm working in one project so don’t want to add task to multiple project. I have task that are Milestones but also belong to streams. Instead of adding a Section called Milestones should I tag it as a Milestone instead? Thanks in advance

If you are on a premium plan or above you can mark the task as milestone, it is a feature!

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The video you sent is for 1 task to multiple projects. Can I add 1 task to 2 different sections in the same project? I can’t figure that out. Thank you!


This is not possible no.

I would like to be able to do that as well.


I would also like to be able to add the same task under multiple sections of the SAME project. Is that on the roadmap?


We never heard anything about such a feature. (I don’t work for Asana)

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Count UCSC in! I would absolutely love to to add a task to multiple sections.

I’ve been playing around with custom fields for some kind of workaround. There’s always the basic - custom field = task also belongs to [insert section], or something like that, but does anyone have something more elegant they’d like to share?

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Apologies, I meant to add that by the above “custom field” I truly mean basic in that it isn’t in two sections at all, it’s just a flag. That’s why I was wondering if anyone came up with something fantastic using rules, integrations, etc.?