Maximum amount of projects/tasks


Hi there,

we want to use Asana in order to make tasks and checklists related to our patients. Actually every patient is a task. I might be interesting if every patient would be a project. But we are afraid that asana would get slow in time. We have 8000 patients actually.

Anyone a suggestion what might be better?

Thank you

Help please-- Maximum amount of tasks?
Un-assigned and un-projected tasks

Note: we have started recently and dont have 8000 tasks right now. we have about 30 patients so far, just trying asana.


Hi @Das_Praxisteam -
I’d recommend having each patient be a task with the checklists for that person as subtasks.
Leverage projects to group your patients into buckets so you don’t end up having a single project with 8000 patients / tasks.
And definitely take advantage of Custom Fields if you have Asana Premium - These offer a great way to categorize tasks further.


Great question @Das_Praxisteam!

Piggybacking off @Shannon_McNeil’s recommendation, I also recommend grouping Tasks for each Patient in small bucket Projects. I could even go a step further & suggest a Project for each patient, that way, if they have more than one visit or the need for a space to add additional information, then the Project serves as an easy reference point for this.

What you should avoid, on the other hand, is if you have all 8,000 patients serve as individual Tasks in one burgeoning Project. Choosing this method would slow down your experience considerably. The use of Advanced Search (if you’re on a premium plan) as well as custom fields (as Shannon mentioned) will help you locate your patients pretty quick.

An important thing to keep in mind when considering effects on performance, whenever you operate within a Project with too many Tasks, the process of downloading from the server upcoming Tasks (when scrolling down to view more) is typically where the slowdown & drag in performance is experienced most. Any way you are able to avoid this, will be a performance win for you and your Team

Hope this helps clarify some things, though definitely happy to dig deeper on this if anything is unclear here :slight_smile:

Un-assigned and un-projected tasks

Hi Michael, hola Shannon !!

Thank you for your advice. In fact, we have our patients all in one project. We use the Kanban method and search our patient via the search bar. There you can move the patients very well into other projects, simply as a drop-down menu.

We only worry that with projects of approximately 10000, we slow down the system very much. It would be a pity if we had learned to appreciate the program and forced to quit afterwards after years because it is too slow.

We would also have 10000 calendars in 3-4 years. We personally like more the variant with the projects, since this is also closest to reality.

How many maximum tasks do you suggest in a project?

Thank you.


Hi Michael,

thank you very much for your advice. What do you think about un-assigning and un-projecting a patient after his treatment is done? We would find him over the search bar if he needs more treatment in the future and re-assign and re-project him again.

Does an unassigned and un-projected tasks slow down the system aswell?

Thank you.


What is the maximum amount of tasks per project?


There is no maximum number of tasks per project!


I have a client using Asana on the premium plan that has hit the limit of the maximum number of tasks per project. A user’s account was suspended for this reason, and the issue was escalated through support. Support told them the number of tasks assigned to the individual user was causing disruptions to their database stability. She has thousands of tasks assigned, but the majority are completed tasks over a 3+ year period. (This is a direct reply from your support team)

@Alexis is there a way you can find out what the hard limit of assigned tasks actually is so we can avoid this in the future? One of our client’s key users is still suspended, which means they’re unable to manage some of their critical operational workflows. Thanks!


Hi @ClientCentric! I recommend that your client speaks with the support team directly about this issue, as it sounds like it’s unique to this customer. She can feel free to reach out at :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexis Yes, the client has already been working with the support team directly, and was given the response above, mainly that they have in fact maxed out on the number of tasks allowed in a project. So far, they’ve been unable to resolve the issue.

The reason I’m posting it here is that @Das_Praxisteam had a question about it, and you told him and @Alex_Derderian that “There is no maximum number of tasks per project!” when in reality, there appears to be in fact a definite limitation on the maximum number of tasks.

I’m not sure how this can be isolated and “unique” to one customer. My goal here is not to point fingers, but to help the users on this thread as well as my current and future clients understand the potential limitations as to task limits when structuring their projects.

Is there anyone at Asana who can give a definitive answer on this? If so, it would be very helpful. Thanks!


Hi @ClientCentric - I appreciate your thoughtfulness here, but we are not able to speak about another customer’s issue due to issues of confidentiality and security. Please advise your customer to send another message to the support team within her existing ticket if she has follow up questions. Thanks so much!


I was offline to the support quite a while, cause tried to deal with asana. actually we are discussing to use an alternative programm. thank you for sharing your experience with the maximum amount of tasks per project.


Dear Support Team,

the question has not been answered by Asana:

How many tasks (open/closed) are allowed in a project?

This is important for us, as we will have thousands of (eventually closed) tasks in long running customer relations. Are on premium trial right now and the answer to this will influence our purchase discussion.

Thanks and regards



Is there a maximum number of projects in Asana? Would still like to see Project Folders similar to folders holding notes in Evernote.


Yes, Asana, I would also appreciate seeing a real answer to this question. This is not just another customer’s issue.