Structuring "project" for ongoing work (task limits)

I recently learned Asana starts limiting features (or just performing poorly) when there are too many tasks in a project.

We have a project for a team that performs ongoing work. This team doesn’t really have an end date for projects, just a flow of tasks that come in (multi-homed from other projects, or just living in this project if it isn’t related to any other project), they complete, and then go to a “done” section.

This has been working well for us so far, but we’re getting close to 1000 tasks.

The section structure is:
New->Backlog->This Week->Doing->Waiting->Done this week->Done previous weeks

The Done previous weeks section is the one starting to get overstuffed, and I don’t know the “right” way to archive them. I have a dashboard that shows number of points (custom field) completed each week, and I don’t want to lose those tasks from the dashboard. What’s the community wisdom of how these kind of neverending “projects” should be structured?

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Welcome, @Eric_Edwards,

This is a good thing to prepare for.

My recommendation is to make a new project called something like Work done in for each past year. Annually around Jan 1, age the past year’s done tasks by “re-homing” them from your ongoing work project to the Work done in project. You can select 50 tasks at a time and change the project membership that way. You’d recreate the dashboard chart in these aging projects.

If on a Business or Enterprise plan, you can also achieve this with rules in real time, though then you would also likely need to move the Done this week section tasks to the aging project I believe.

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There is also apparently an inability to sort by assigned assignee when over 1000. I imagine there are a number of other features that get turned off if that one does.

700+ tasks completed since 10/23/22 with two team members on that team. The team is about to move to 4 members, so we’d have to clean it multiple times per year and only being able to change 50 at a time seems like it would take a long time (not to mention there isn’t an easy to to select exactly 50 at a time). Likely we’d instead use the “move to another project” rule to put it in the “archival” project.

The problem is how do we do reporting if the tasks are in multiple projects, the live one and the archival one?

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Thanks, @Eric_Edwards, I updated my prior post in a couple of ways so maybe have a look there.

Re reporting, I was assuming that each project would have reports corresponding to it, so they’d be split between reports on active work and reports on completed work. If that won’t be sufficient, it’s easy to use Universal Reporting (Reporting in the sidebar) and specify the domain as your multiple projects and place all the reports in one universal reporting dashboard set of charts there.

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