Mark a project for completion

Natalia, I would like to ask you and your team: “how soon is soon??”

Sounds like it’s been about 9 months, is that too soon for an update?

Just want to add my voice to the number of people needing this. It has bothered me and our team for years that we can’t formally “Complete” a project the same as a task or sub-task. :frowning:

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We are now looking at leaving this software because of this lacking feature and more importantly because it hasn’t been fixed in well over 2 years. As someone with a programmer background this is NOT that hard to do.

I would also like to put in a vote for this feature. It would be ideal if the Status updates on a project could be customized, or if they could at least include the following options as outlined by a previous poster:

  • Planned/Not Started
  • On Track
  • At Risk
  • Off Track
  • Complete
  • Deferred