Archive or complete a project, or both?

In Asana, what do you think is best: archive a project, mark as complete, or both?

I believe it comes down to what makes the most sense to your organization.

However, if you want to make the most of what Asana offers us this is what I would do:

1. Always archive if the project is done
Because usually you don’t want the project to show up in a team anymore, especially if it was completed. This can help you maintain your space cleaner.

2. Complete if this project had previous status updates OR is part of a portfolio.
Because if your organization is used to work with portfolios, this can help you see what’s been completed more clearly and finish up a serie of status with a final one.

This is what I would do. However, there’s a “BUT”.

Archived projects will still show in portfolios.

So, even though they are archived, and you want them out of portfolios you will need to use a tool like “Portfolio cleaner” (iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations)

In short, archive or complete, I’d go with both if the project is finished.
Move on and keep a clean space!

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman , is it possible for your tool to also remove ‘completed’ projects from portfolios?

This is something I could add indeed. You need it or this is just an idea?

Yes, I have a client that would benefit from it, since they only want to keep active projects in their portfolios and maintaining this is a bit of a hassle…

I’m sure others would also find this a useful feature :wink:

I’ll get Anthony from my team to add this feature, stay tuned (will happen in a couple of days/weeks).

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We’ve created “archive” portfolios for completed projects that we want to keep for reference - and then associated the projects with the archive and taken them out of the active portfolio for ease of navigation. Not sure if that’s a valuable work-around, but one we landed on.

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I definitely say both. Complete for projects that are completed and archive for “projects” used for organizing information or abandoned work.

When I archive a project, who now has access to the archived project?
I have a client that is finished and I am going to archive their project but I want them to have access to the archive. They have the role of “Project Admin” but they do not own the project. Will they still be able to access it?

Welcome, @Augmon_Jolley,

Archiving a project doesn’t affect access; the same folks who had access before will have access after archiving.

Project owner is a designation only; project access rights are determined by the Project Members list and type of access each member is given, as well as the Project > Share > Privacy setting. And possibly also the membership of the Team the project is in and its membership list. You can learn more detail in Asana Help for Projects and Teams.



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