Mark a project for completion



How do I mark a project to be complete?

Completion Button for Projects
ADD Completed to Project Status

We “complete” projects by archiving them. In your left-hand sidebar, you can click on the three dots next to any project in your team list and select “archive.” This will hide it from your list which keeps things clean.


This might be how it’s done, but I don’t like it. The project is “completed” there should be a check mark just like a task completion. I want that exhilaration of seeing the project completed and watching the unicorn fly across the screen! :sunglasses:


Projects get completed just like Tasks. My team wants to check off projects, not just archive it. We want the exhiliartion of marking a project complete…keep Archive as an option, but give us the option to check it off and move on.


Welcome to the Forum @Michael_Gonzales and thanks for your feedback! We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback; hope that’s ok!


This is a great idea! This would prevent the extra step of having to close out all leftover tasks and section headers before archiving a project, otherwise they continue to show up on your list of tasks to be completed.


Thanks Marie. I looked for a similar topic, but missed it. Thanks for merging the two.


Now that Portfolios are here, it would be great to have a new Completed project status in addition to On Track, At Risk, and Behind.

We are starting to follow the How to Use Asana for Agile and Scrum article and like the idea of seeing the status of the “features” including those that are completed.

Once a project is marked as Completed, it would also be great to have any past dates show up as black instead of red, since they aren’t overdue.

For now we are using a Dropdown field.


Thank you so much for your feedback @David_Limiero; I agree that with the ne Portfolio feature, it makes a lot of sense to implement a “Completed” status for projects too! Let’s hope this is something we can implement soon :crossed_fingers:t3:

We already have a bunch of thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to gather all feedback on this topic in one main thread; hope that’s ok!


Thanks. Where is that main thread?


This is the main/existing thread @David_Limiero :slight_smile:


This would be helpful for us too. Archiving a project doesn’t always mean it is complete. It would be most helpful to have the option to auto-complete all tasks via a tick box and have that automatically change the Status to ‘Complete’ (current field options are On Track, At Risk and Off Track only).