Mark a project for completion

Hi @Stuart_P_Turner and thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately our team hasn’t prioritized that feature request yet and as it stands I’m unable to say if or when this will be implemented. I’ve gone ahead and escalated a task to the Team in charge to spark the discussion internally and will keep you posted on this thread if I hear anything back!

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

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With Portfolios the need to ‘complete’ projects like we can with tasks is even more essential and I have voted for this feature however, surely as a quick fix we can have a ‘completed’ status for them?

We have a large and frequent amount of projects being opened, worked on and then completed and we need to be able to track this data and archiving is not good enough!


Hi @Jenny_Hickman and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! I totally hear you!

We already have several threads on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to gather all feedback on this topic in one main thread; hope that’s ok!

You have mentioned that you already voted for this feature, but feel free to add your vote to this main thread in case you haven’t add your vote here.

Have a great Thursday!

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Just wanted to chime in also on the need for “Project Complete” function. I have to be honest and say it is quite baffling that this is not a central part of Asana already.

As others have noted, the need to mark the entire project complete seems fundamental to project management. A colleague in our company contacted someone he knows at Asana for their input on how to “mark a project as complete” and the response was either to:

  1. Set a status (options are not related to “completion”) with comment that says “Project Complete” and then archive the project.


  1. Create a team for “Completed Projects” and move it into there.

Both of these suggestions seem like an odd work-around for a feature that should have been included from the start.

It seems like it would be quite easy to simply include an additional status in the progress section other than the three currently available (On Track, At Risk, Off Track), that says “Project Completed”. This would actually match with the work around that was suggested above.

I have to reiterate, the fact that I can’t formally complete projects in Asana makes me not want to use it at all because it doesn’t seem to fit with the whole purpose of actually tracking, monitoring and aiding in the completion of projects… Without this feature I’m forced to use the software in ways that don’t seem to match its capabilities.

Having a formalized way to mark project complete (while retaining archive and delete features) for data purposes and just basic record keeping seems essential.

Please address this oddity as soon as possible,




Now there is a functionality to Export the data to Google Sheets and have various tables and graphs to highlight progress, it is really important to be able to complete projects. As they have a due date, just like tasks do, it would be great to be able to see how projects tracked against the original due date with a complete date stamp when the project is marked as complete.

Please can this be prioritised as functionality.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Alex_Welch and @Sachin_Patel and thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback with us. We really appreciate it!

I’ve gone ahead and escalated your feedback to the Team for them to consider this feature in the next update. I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update about it!

Have a nice day!


As a new adopter of the portfolios system, that was the main reason for my upgrade, I’m glad this has been brought up already. I would like to add a very important (to me?) element that I don’t think was mentioned: a filter in the portfolio that hides completed projects. If each member of my team has approx. 2 project/week, it will be very hard to navigate all the projects within the portfolio even after a couple months of on-boarding!


Any updates on this feature request? This is becoming a major issue for our team (and it sounds like many others).

Thank you


+1 to “complete project” feature.

Looking for an update on this please - we have a constant stream of new projects and projects being completed so we really need this functionality.

+1 to “complete project” feature.

+1 for the mark project status as ‘Completed’ feature.

that’s why great companies reach a dead end… so a project management software doesn’t have a “complete” feature for a project itself…
this thread has been open since beginning of 2018 and almost 2 years after this feature is still not deployed :slight_smile: guys, with all my respect but do you have a skilled business analyst who can identify and prioritize key features?

Hi Asana team - I have been a loyal Asana used since my first job out of school. I would really like the company to succeed and for that I think that this is a huge part of the UX design that is missing. When I archive projects, not only does it not provide the psychological closing satisfaction project managers need but also it’s a huge functional road block. Marking a project for completion should do the following:

  • archive the project
  • measure due date vs completion date performance
  • remove this project from side bar and home page (currently archiving only removes it from side bar but it should actually go into a whole another tab)
  • create a report that shows “completed projects” (great for KPI at work)

I believe that this could a simple feature added under the project status which then prompts all of the above. I understand that it’s probably not that simple to code and roll out across this whole platform. But I’ve seen some amazing changes happen in the past 2/3 years I have been using this platform. So I believe with the capable team you have this is definitely possible. If not the way I’ve listed above than another way. Hey! you might already have this in the pipeline but I thought it was worth mentioning my ideas since this is a serious prick in my thumb and also in many others above.


Welcome to the Forum @Jas_Gebi and thank you for sharing this great feedback! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying all our new features and updates :slight_smile: And while I don’t have an update to share regarding this feature, I’ll follow-up on this thread as soon as I get an update. In the meantime thanks for your patience and understanding, we really appreciate it!

It seems as though it would make sense for there to be an ability to complete a project once it’s done. As of right now, all that can be viewed is a graph over time of completed tasks. This is useful, but there’s no way to make the project complete, only to delete it entirely. I would also like to see a way of setting meaningful metrics in the progress menu. We have target numbers we need to reach and want an ability to view those in Asana. There is a lot of opportunity for the Progress pane.

+1 to “complete project” feature.

Is there an update on this being added? This thread/request started in April’18.

I have my entire team working with Asana and asking me how to mark their projects as complete. A project is not “Complete” when it still shows as “On Track”. We really need to add this feature. Seems like it would simple. Please provide an update as to timing for adding this. Thanks!


This is incredibly frustrating to not be able to "complete’ a project. Not just for the satisfaction of closing the project but for reporting its a must. I don’t understand how this isn’t something that is being considered more of a priority.


I would love to be able to mark a project as “Complete” without archiving it. I want to keep my projects in my portfolio so that I can use it as a roadmap, but I also don’t want to change the due dates, which from what I can see is the only way to not have the project appear overdue at present.

Could a status “Complete” be added to the current selection?