Manual changing of the Date Task is Completed



Is there a way to manually change the date completed on an Asana task? There are many times that tasks are completed but Asana is not updated there and then and it may be a few days later when reviewing the item on the project that we mark our tasks complete. Unfortunately, it currently dates it completed all on the same day and I can’t seem to find any options to amend the date. Can you please advise if this function is available as I think it would prove useful. Thanks! ESC.


Hi @ESC,

Your only option here would be to mark the task incomplete (i.e. “un-check” the task) and then check it off again. This will be reflected in the task history, as well.



I agree this is a feature needed for accurately tracking project progress, which is critical for planning future projects. We often do weekly updates, instead of daily (sometimes you just miss the daily!). A manual completion date would be super helpful.


Hi Alexis, thanks for your reply and sorry for lateness in my reply. Appreciate your comment and this is what I had been doing but it is quite frustrating when the time I have to mark task complete is usually end of the week or a few days later but it is then not reflected correctly, date-wise. Oh well, maybe something Asana will consider as a future option…??


Totally agree! It would also be most helpful if the recurring tasks that we have on weekly/monthly/quarterly are updated accordingly to when we actually complete the task. Anyway, thanks for your words of support that I’m not the only person wanting something like this from a functionality point of view :slight_smile:


Hi @KPro and @ESC - I’m going to take the liberty of moving this into the product feedback category :slight_smile:


I have to second that, the one thing that is really dissuading me form using Asana is the fact that I cannot mark tasks completed on a certain date. Sometimes tasks just get done as I go and I don’t remember to mark them off until I am reviewing my projects later. This is a really big drawback of Asana.

Also, if I get certain tasks done (send a report/email), it would be great to set a reminder to follow up, if there is a subsequent step that depends on the outcome and I need to wait for someone else to give me that outcome. Right now I just have to set another subtask as “follow up”.


Thanks for taking the initiative to do this. I am new to this so am just finding my feet in all this :slight_smile:


I agree with this too…let’s hope these functions are on Asana’s to do/create pile :slight_smile: Thanks for the comments and thoughts!


The ability to retroactively and manually set task completion dates would be fabulous. I stopped using Asana for a while for a project and decided to give it a try again. Unfortunately, all my tasks look like they were finished months behind schedule. I’d love to be able to update the completion dates to reflect the true history of my project. In my case, I am not having to police anyone’s honesty. I just want to track my progress accurately.


Another vote for being able to modify the complete date. Right now this date only reflects the date you marked the task complete, which is very frequently later than the date the task was actually completed. Seems like a common enough occurrence that you’d mark a bunch of tasks complete a while after you complete them, and kind of ridiculous that you can’t modify this date, really. Is there some technical reason this is harder to implement than modifying the due date?


Same here… Really surprised this has not been fixed yet.
Huge drawback for me.
Can you provide any timeline for delivery?


+1 on this – would be awesome for testing some of the API endpoints :wink:


We would also love this feature - we are using Asana for program evaluation, and it would be helpful to be able to adjust dates of completion to reflect accuracy in program flow.


I too think this feature is critical


Also very keen to see this much-needed feature added. Thanks!