Editable Completion Date

Hi Asana Team,

Are there any plans for an editable completion date/time? Rather than the date/time being automatically set when the tick is selected?

Would be useful so look at progress for the calendar/fiscal year when you may not have been using Asana since the beginning of that year.

Many thanks,

I have seen multiple requests (over 20+) for this in other threads on this platform. I’m sure there are more people that wanted it and just didn’t write about it. Many more that may have cancelled their subscription after they noticed without communicating. This seems like such a basic functionality, it’s really a turn off for using this system all together. Being able to backlog, even if it’s reflected in the activity is fine, but it prevents the true reflection and archiving of previous projects from being added to this platform within my organization. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

This is a very basic feature that should be on here.
Asana allows us to export tasks (complete and incomplete) as a CSV file, and the CSV has a column for Task Completed date. The date shown is the day it was clicked and it’s not editable within Asana, so it makes the CSV report kind of worthless if someone forgets the click Task Complete on the day it was actually completed.
Yes, I know I could edit the CSV, but I would have to do that every time I export which would be ridiculous - it needs to be done once from Asana, and it doesn’t seem like such a difficult feature to implement (relatively speaking).