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So I create a report by using search and it puts the info I need I then download this as a csv file and import it into Excel and it shows the create date as mm/dd/yyyy with no time, just the date, it also does this for the completion date is there a setting in the config I need? Can this be done?

When you look at the file with a simple TextEditor (not Excel) is the time info there? Because I am wondering if this is not an Excel format issue, with Excel applying a mm/dd:yyy format by itself?

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Hi @William_Flow I’m afraid that the export to .csv features does not include completion or due time at the moment, but this is definitely something we will be working on in the future.

I’m moving your thread to the #productfeedback category for the time being to give you and other community members an option to vote for this feature!

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Thanks for the Answer! Is there a way I can get the create and complete date with timestamp in Asana itself?

Yes, in each task story, you can see when the task was created/updated/completed. Stories are located below the Description and Project field:

Thats ok but I am asking for the date and the time like “15 Jun 14:35”

Sorry I missed this part @William_Flow! As it stands, stories do not include timestamps unfortunately, but hopefully this is something we can implement in the future!

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Is there a way I could get both the creation date and time of the tasks in a CSV export of the search results? I need to not only track the date when the tasks were created but also at what time. So far I have only been able to get the date.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @anon95884921, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile: Unfortunately, CSV exports do not include creation time at the moment.

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with an existing thread in the Product Feedback category to keep all feedback consolidated. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this is something our Product Team can implement in the future!

Thanks Rebecca!
Just wondering, do you know if there is an alternative way I could get that information?

At this time, it would need to be manually taken from the task stories (the task history under the description). This could be time consuming, though!

@William_Flow, @anon95884921, @Rebecca_McGrath,

FYI, for a workaround, my Asana2Go offers both Date/Time Created and Date/Time Completed. More info here and within the linked post:


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And in addition to Asana2Go, you could also get a dev (like me) to develop a custom export. But Asana2Go is definitely the way 2 go (pun intended) :slight_smile:


@Rebecca_McGrath I appreciate if you can merge my post with this one. Here is mine.

it seems that it is a long time this feature requested by not resolved yet.

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I am curious to know how to add start-time and end-time to my exported tasks.

When I select: My Tasks —> Export CSV, the exported file doesn’t contain start and end time of the tasks.

Same issue when I select: Sync To Calendar —> Outlook.

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It might be a missing feature from the export. @LEGGO any insights for us, as an export wizard?

Since the introduction of these fields in the platform, I haven’t seen that the standard export has been updated to provide this information.

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