Created_at Timestamp on Export

Currently the CSV export of the Created_at field does not include a timestamp. I want to use this to analyze the times of the day specific tasks are created in a Work Request project. Can Asana Developers do an update to include the time the task was created similar to what can be pulled via the API?


Any update on this? Not having the ability to report on when tasks were completed “late” is a problem for us from a workforce management perspective. I should be able to report on how often a given user completes tasks after the due-time, at least by pulling and analyzing the CSV…

@Whitney, Until/if Asana offers that, here’s a solution out of the box with Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

Date Created give you the date+time.


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@lpb Thanks! We actually do already use Asana2Go! Does “Date Completed” also give the date+time? (I can ping my IT team on this question too, I suppose…)

@Whitney, Great that you’re already using Asana2Go, and yes, Date Completed is both date+time too. (Sorry about the names which could certainly more clear but when you see the values it’s clear.)



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Hi @lpb ,

Do you have any tips for export to outlook “Sync to Calendar”. It is exporting “full day” event even there is a start-time and end-time.

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Abderrahmane BENDAOUD

Hi @Abderrahmane_BENDAOU,

I don’t believe there’s any native Asana solution.

I haven’t investigated for this purpose tools like Zapier and Make, but they may offer a solution to capture the start/end times.



Larry, THANK YOU for creating this!!!
I’ve been looking for this for months, and glad I found this.

Couple questions regarding csv export:
- Can you do auto live exports to Google Spreadsheet?
— Something like below? (I was granted the feature from Asana support, but it doesn’t have the time stamp. Also, they only live update until 200 rows or something which is not enough at all…
Export Live Data from Asana into Google Sheet

- If not, can you export by date range, instead of selecting manually?
— We have hundreds of tasks feeding in and completed within a day so selecting the range by click is not quite feasible.

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Thanks, @anon80609480, for the nice comments!

Well, I’m afraid Asana2Go can’t be automated as you’re asking initially. Re export by date range, I’m afraid it’s only by selecting manually, but if you sorted by date, or maybe used an advanced search report with a date sort built-in, you could make multi-selection easy because the tasks would already be ordered. Asana2Go isn’t limited by Asana’s 50-task maximum, though it is limited by memory, perhaps around 100 or 150 tasks depending.

I thought the Sync to Google Sheets for projects used to be 2000 rows but I may be wrong. But even if it’s only 200, is there any chance (if you have Business or Enterprise) you could automatically through rules multi-home tasks to a set of projects, each one sync’ed to google sheets, and all staying on the limit individually? Then you could join these rows together in google sheets.

Another option is or, perhaps.



Thank you Larry for your reply.
Would greatly greatly appreciate if you could implement date range selection feature somehow…!

I thought the Sync to Google Sheets for projects used to be 2000 rows but I may be wrong

Maybe it was 2000 but still not enough… will be maxed out in couple days. +The critical issue is they don’t have timestamp like your Asana2Go… If they have it, I would just migrate and delete the rows everyday

We actually use zapier, but we are very close to maxing out the limit. Will check out the

THANK YOU again!

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