How to print last year all tasks with due dates and creation date

@Nikolay_Yakovenko, Did you see the standard “CSV - Detailed” format? It has the columns you want, plus a few more, and any custom fields are automatically included. Here’s what the first output row, the csv field names, look like:

"Completed?","Date Completed","Date Created","Date Modified","Task","Start","Due","Assignee Name","Image","Marked For","Section?","In Project Section","URL","Liked?","# Likes","Tags","# Subtasks","Parent","In Projects"

Note that when you ask for “Project” remember that a task can be in more than one; these will include all of those in the “In Projects” field, comma-separated (within that field).

If you want fewer columns, you can customize and delete them in the authoring part of Asana2Go, or I’m available to create new/modified reports (contact me offline).