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When I click on My Tasks and click on the drop-down arrow at the top left it gives me several options. One option is Export to CSV, etc. The last option is an obvious one when you are looking at the calendar view. The option is Print. Makes perfect sense. Print my calendar of My Tasks. However, when I select print the calendar is Blank. Can someone fill me in? Am I doing something wrong?


Just a few thoughts, from when I tried this:

  1. The date range provided by Asana was pretty random - March 6 to July 16
  2. Completed tasks are shown in a very pale gray font
  3. When I opened the PDF, I was shown the March calendar (unlabelled as March, I had to look for the April heading and check dates to know I was looking at March)
  4. Lots of completed Tasks and at least one Incomplete task that were visible in My Tasks were absent from the PDF calendar.
  5. Some Incomplete Tasks are also shown in the very pale gray font (most are in a black font)
  6. And of course, where My Tasks give me a live link to see more than ~4 Tasks on heavily loaded days (“5 more” ), the PDF does not have this.

So, I can’t replicate the report of total blankness of the PDF calendar. I do find the serious bugs of numerous missing Tasks (and misfonted Tasks, and unexpanded calendar for heavy days) that make this function unusable. This outcome aligns with unexpected behavior in exports and print formats generally in Asana. I question how much testing is done.

So no, I doubt you’re doing anything wrong…

Thanks, Stephanie, for your reply! I accidentally realized that, as you pointed out, the dates are random. I didn’t think to scroll down, which I did and saw the tasks. However, the formatting is awful, and the bars get cut off and split between pages. I believe you are correct that there must not have been any testing. There should be a way of setting the dates and the margins need serious work. I guess it was a task in their project and they forgot to use the approval feature! At least it is a witness that the approval feature is important. Checking the box doesn’t mean it is done. Thanks again!

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