Dates of completion on printout

Before archiving a project, I print it for paper filing/long term storage.

However, the dates tasks are completed is not on the document. To the right the date it was due is available, but no data as to when anything was actually marked off.

Please, please make this change. Writing it in for every form is tedious and time consuming and rather frustrating because the data is within the system, just oddly not included in the print out.

Hi @Rebecca_Velasquez,

I tried reproducing this, but I was not able to. Due dates for completed tasks did appear on the right side the same way they do for imcomplete tasks.

Before printing I filtered project to show all tasks - completed and imcomplete:

Can you please confirm if you did the same before printing your projects?


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You can also export as a CSV and the Completion Date is there. Only problem is that the completion date is the date it was clicked completed, so if it was clicked later than actual, it would only show the later date. Would be nice if they allowed you to edit the completion date, rather than just using the date it was clicked. There are several suggestions to do this on this forum, but it hasn’t been implemented.

I am struggling with the same issue as Rebecca. I am trying to print or export the Completion Date for completed tasks. The Due Date is displayed on the screen and the printout for each of them, but not the Completion Date. When I export only completed tasks to a CSV file, some display Completion Dates and some do not. Since they are all complete, Completion Dates should be there for all of them. Also, sometimes the Completion Dates that are displayed in the exported CSV file do not match what is in Asana. Help!