How to print last year all tasks with due dates and creation date

How to print last year all tasks with due dates and creation date so that I could provide my timesheets or client sheets activity

Have a look at Asana2Go cc @lpb

Sorry I didn’t quite get what it is? what is @lpb

Hi @Nikolay_Yakovenko and welcome to the Forum :wave:

What @Bastien_Siebman has recommended is the Integration Asana2Go built by @lpb.

You can find more information about this and other third-party integrations in the following link:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Sorry, looks like I typed up as less words as possible :sweat_smile: thanks @Natalia


Hi, thanks, I have got 924 tasks and looks like Asana2Go going crazy about it. when I try to save the results

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Larry, the founder, will be able to help when he comes around! If needed I can build a custom dashboard…

Hi @Nikolay_Yakovenko, and thanks @Natalia and @Bastien_Siebman,

I used Asana2Go’s “Table - Basic” format with a selection of 250 tasks in search results and it had no problem generating the output, though it took around 30 seconds.

There is some upper limit on how much it can do before it goes out to lunch, so if you’ll be using it, I think you should just run it four times on four different selection sets to get all the output you need. The Table - Basic format shows Due Date but you can add a column for Creation Date; let me know in a Private Message if you need help.



Thanks, Yes, I’ve split into 5 pieces to have it go. One more thing - it doesn’t show you which project it is or which master task it is and no completion date in that table. However those two things are really important for the client report.

Asana2Go offers around 20 standard formats (and you can create your own custom ones too); I’m not sure which one you’re using. It sounds like maybe you could benefit from choosing the Cards - Including Subtasks format which will show all the info you mentioned:

If by master task you mean parent task, that’s shown too if you report on subtasks:



Thanks, those cards can be a lifesaver. However I thought there is a table where I can choose which columns to show like basic table that is generated from my tasks to have it like a spreadsheet:
Taskname / Project Name /Creation Date / Completion Date

To have it as a list would be much better as 924 cards will be too much to have it analysed.

@Nikolay_Yakovenko, Did you see the standard “CSV - Detailed” format? It has the columns you want, plus a few more, and any custom fields are automatically included. Here’s what the first output row, the csv field names, look like:

"Completed?","Date Completed","Date Created","Date Modified","Task","Start","Due","Assignee Name","Image","Marked For","Section?","In Project Section","URL","Liked?","# Likes","Tags","# Subtasks","Parent","In Projects"

Note that when you ask for “Project” remember that a task can be in more than one; these will include all of those in the “In Projects” field, comma-separated (within that field).

If you want fewer columns, you can customize and delete them in the authoring part of Asana2Go, or I’m available to create new/modified reports (contact me offline).



Thanks, yes. it looks like this. But I would prefer to have as a spreadsheet view like table

This format is creating CSV output for use in a spreadsheet instantly with just a couple clicks.

This is explained both in starting at 2:20 and also in the Asana2Go Help in the application itself:


Let’s not use this Asana public forum anymore for your specific Asana2Go support questions–I’d appreciate your not replying here; thanks.

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