Start Dates and Time in the CSV imported

Hi all,

I have used the CSV importer for the first time today and here is my feedback for the ASANA team:
I struggled a bit with the Start dates, the data that was given to me had start date and time as well as due date and time.

  • My first pain point was having to change my dates to an american Format, but I can understand why and I can deal with that.
  • On my first import, all my dates ended up as text fields. I figured out that the time cannot be imported. I removed the time. Could we import time with start/due dates?
  • After formatting the dates properly and removing the time I still could not import Start dates that were on the same day as Due Dates - previously where 8am -->5pm as Start date has to be before Due date
    the solution here was for me to identify all those dates that were the same day and delete the start date, easy enough but I don’t think that one is necessary. Could start date requirement be less or equal to Due Date ?

The rest works pretty well, although I’m still waiting on feedback from the end users. What jumped out as well when creating the csv file was that it would be nice to be able to add multiple dependents or parent tasks.

cheers !

Yeah, this is a function of the way the Asana data model is constructed - it will not accept a start date that’s the same as the due date. You found the “solution” which is to delete or blank out the start date where it equals the due date.

HI @Jonathan_Stern and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I would recommend creating a new #productfeedback thread for each of your 3 requests, this will make it easier for other people to vote, and it will also make it easier for us to follow-up! Thanks again taking the time to share your thoughts and helping us improve Asana!