Importing Dates from CSV results in start and end date in one column

I imported a project plan into Asana using a CSV. The start and end dates took, however, they were consolidated into one field

I notice that when importing the dates there are two options for start date. One with an ‘arrow’ in the calendar and one without. I could not find any place explaining the differences.
How am I supposed to import them in a way that keeps the start and due date in a separate field?


I believe the way Asana looks at it is that Start and End Dates ARE 2 different fields, they’re simply displayed in a single column, as you show. I’m sure they call it “Due Date” because it’s a cleaner look! If you try exporting your examples to CSV, you’ll see Start and End separated by a comma.

I can’t explain the 2 different appearances of Start Date, as you show, but find that I have no trouble importing the export from my paragraph 1, and getting the Start and End date both to appear and behave correctly without special effort.

If you’re concerned about the date wrapping to 2 lines, just make your column wider.

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I’ll try reversing it. I attempted a test import with less tasks using the start date without an arrow and it imports as a date and shows in the start date information portion, but when you go to calendar it only shows the due date for all tasks.
With the inverse where it combines them, it shows the combined date, but leaves the start date blank…

The problem with these two separate options is that I am not able to sort by start date. I will try one more attempt with two start date columns. My concern is that for every task that gets a start date changed it will require two adjustments.

You should be able to sort by either Start date or End date, no special effort required. Do you not have access to this control?

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That works! I was expecting an interface with the sort from the column option.
I will be playing with that more overall sorting function. That may be even more useful than a column filter. Thanks!

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