CSV import - no start dates for import

I was really hoping to import my timeline seamlessly and find that I can’t quite do that. I have a csv with section, name, start date and end date and would like them all to import as categories with tasks, with start and end date creating duration for each task. Because ASANA seems to treat due dates as a milestones, unless you add a start date manually in each task, there does not seem to be a way to import data with tasks having a time period. Going through all of my tasks manually to add a start date is extremely time consuming. I MUST be missing something. I am used to using project management tools that have a start date and end date as a duration, and if those dates are the same it is a milestone. Can anyone give me advice?

Welcome to the Forum @Patty_Breslin and thank you for reaching out!

Sincere apologies for the trouble here. I’m not sure to fully understand your issue but I can confirm that it is possible to import task with Start dates using the CSV importer. Please have a look a the following Guide article to make sure you have organized your data correctly before importing it: https://asana.com/guide/help/api/csv-importer

I hope this helps Patty but please let me know if you need further assistance. Have a nice Friday!