CSV Imported tasks - date range not working in Timeline view

I am trying to import a CSV to populate tasks into a project. All fine generally, but I need the timeline view to work properly. That is: the tasks have a Start date and a Due date, but this doesn’t show as a bar on the Timeline view, it’s just the little tiny marker on the due date. In List view, the Start date and Due date are in the right columns, all looks fine, it’s just the Timeline view doesn’t reflect the full range between those. I played around and discovered I can drag the little Due date marker so that it shows that whole range from Start Date to Due Date, but there are over 100 of these tasks here, do I need to drag each one?

Is there a way to import the Due date range from the CSV so that it will appear properly in Timeline? Some kind of CSV formatting that will fix this?

(I am using a Business level account with my org)

Welcome, @Amanda_Mackey,

Your start and due dates are not getting mapped correctly as Asana expects them. Even though you see them as separate columns in list view, that’s not the required result of importing your csv, so I recommend you repeat the import (remove your old imported entries or start a new project) after reading through:

In particular, see the mentions of dates in that file, and also be sure to click Make Changes (don’t go directly to the project) to ensure your column mappings are correct:


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Hello, thanks for the response. I have done these things as you suggest several times now, same result every time. Timeline view is still showing everything just as the small marker on the Due date, not the range between Start date and Due date.

Attaching screenshots: the mapping of Start date and Due date on the ‘Make Changes’ screen. Also the Timeline view of the Due date markers only.

Hi @Amanda_Mackey, welcome to our Community Forum, and sorry to hear that you are running into issues. I tried to replicate this issue on my end, but the date ranges appear normally in my timeline. I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team directly, and including a copy of your CSV file in the submission to help them troubleshoot the problem.

I’m moving the topic to our #bugs:closed section, but let me know if you need anything else!

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