Uploading CSV File: Cannot Upload Date Range in Due Date

Hi Everyone,


Hope you can help me on this. I tried uploading a project using a CSV file. However, I cannot upload the Due Date with date range correctly.

If I upload a date under Due date column, it goes to the Due Date column but for the Start Date, it creates a new column. I would like to to have a result like this under Due Date: 1/17/2024 - 1/20/2024.

Most of my projects have date range with start date and end date. I hope you can help me on this.

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Hi @Raymund,

  1. Due Date: use the standard US date format of month/day/year to track the due date of each task.
  2. Start Date: add a separate column for start dates, available with a paid subscription. If you do not have a paid subscription, the information in the start date column will appear in the description of your task.

The best source for info is:



Hi Larry,

Thank you for the quick response. I followed the format mentioned in the link, however, I’m still not getting the date range in Due Date (e,g. 1/17/2024 - 1/20/2024). The result after I uploaded the file is a separate column for Due Date and Start Date and not a combined date range under Due Date.

Note: I’m using a paid subscription



Are you clicking “Make changes” or “Go to project” after you specify your file? You must click Make changes.

I suspect you’re not following the instructions (and there are a lot of them) precisely.

Sometimes it can help to make your import file just one data row and importing that until you get it to import as expected.

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