Creating Project Through CSV Upload - Recognizing Due Dates

Hi Everyone!

I am creating a project with 87 entries by uploading a CSV file. We can set the due date in Excel and want this to translate to Asana, but when I upload it this field is updated to "Due Date (import) and the Asana due date field is still there to be filled out. We want this to be scaleable and do not want to set the due date for each task, since it is already listed in another column.

  1. Is it possible for Asana to recognize the due date from a CSV file?
  2. Can I set the due date to equal another column in Asana projects?

I am new to Asana so apologize if I am missing something easy !

@Jake_Lynch make sure that before you save your CSV file, the due dates are of the “Short Date” format


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