🔎 We’re extending the new grid display to the Search view!

Marie, thanks, I refreshed and I see it now, great!

Sorry to drag out the convo, but I also noticed in this view a sort by “completion date”. I do not see that in the List view, and for that matter elsewhere across Asana. This is an interesting addition…

I have thought it would be very useful to have a visible “Competed Date” field on tasks. This goes great with the relatively new features of Timelines and Portfolios, so you can get a good view as a PM of how a team is progressing vs. planned completion dates that are represented in the “due date” that you put on a project.

I found this thread about editing that date: Editable Completion Date

In order for that to happen though, would there need to be a visible “completed date” in the first place?

I could not find a thread about just simply adding “completed date” to a task’s details, I’d like to post the request if it doesn’t exist.

Also, I thought I could potentially create a “completed date” of my own with Custom Fields, until I realized they don’t have date formats:

Thanks and sorry again if I went too off topic!