Edit/upload Completed Dates via CSV?

Im looking on creation some example data with completion dates over time but am having issues.

When i do an export, edit the dates, and reimport, the tasks either don’t change or new copies are reimported not in a completed state. When I use make changes mode to re-enable the “Completed Date” its still not showing up. Any guidance here?

I believe the CSV importer does not allow completed tasks to be imported, and you can never change the completion date, even through API.

Thanks Bastien for the reply. In my testing it seems like you can duplicate a project though that will create new tasks in a completed state. These have a created and completion date set to whenever the action was performed though which seems less useful. If other fields are able to be altered is there any way of overriding this?

Not that I know of because in my opinion it would be a way to tamper with data integrity. Just like you can’t change a Word document creation date on your computer :person_shrugging: