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Right now, when I mark a task complete, the column “Completed on” populates to the date the task was marked complete. I would like to know if I can manually add a date to the “Completed on” column for tasks in a project. Please advise.


Hello @Chandana_Mutgi have a look here that explains the new field: Sort Tasks by Recently Updated (Last Modified) or by Create Date - #13
I do not think you can manually amend the date in this field as it should represent when the task was actually marked as completed. However you can add an additional custom field if you wish that you can then use to add any date you want

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer thanks for the response. I did add the “Last Modified on” field which is also not editable. It shows the date/day any change was made to the task.
My question is - if the task was completed on May 10th but was not marked as complete until May 20th, can we edit the “completed on”/“last modified on” date to the actual task completion date which is May 10th

I do not think this is a good idea, as it removes the possibility to track and prove changes and updates.

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It is not possible to edit these fields as they are automatically populated by the activity itself. These columns are different from custom fields. They reflect the same metadata found in the comments/activity section in each task. The new field visibility presents a much easier and more comprehensive view of task activity and it becomes searchable and sortable. But no, this record of activity cannot be changed.

Thank you @Mikayla_Santiago. I will use custom fields to make it editable.

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Thanks @Herve_Buisset. I agree. I was wondering about it if there are tasks that were not marked as complete.

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