👨‍💻 Add a "Created date" column in a project

What if I told you could have the creation date of a task in a custom field? I know some workflows would love to have such an information available, to sort for example!

A while back, I created a service that allows you to compute a custom field based on other fields. As a nice side effect, I realized I could actually use the service to fill in a custom field with native information like creation date, completion date… a lot of information that is usually unavailable to most because it requires an access to the API!

The attached image is the implementation I did for a client that needed to sort helpdesk requests by creation date! Reach out to me if you want the same thing!

:fr: Version française


How would one go about implementing a similar thing with their project?


Hi there,

Wow, I’d absolutely love to know the logistics behind how you obtained creation date!

I’ve been doing the manual labor on this, in that I have a custom field called “creation date” I populate myself.

If you have details, do tell!

Many, many, thanks in advance,

The only way is to code a tool like mine :slight_smile:

I have created a script that reads my client projects every 10 minutes and applies the “formula” they gave me on custom fields. That formula could be as simple as saying you only want the created date in the field. @Andrea_Gilovich reach out by email to discuss details bastien@ido-clarity.com

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